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Welcome to KOTKA YACHT STORE MARINA - a full-service year-round deepwater guest harbour in the centre of Kotka, Finland

KOTKA YACHT STORE MARINA is a well-equipped guest harbour with easy approach from the sea.
You can safely moor your boat with plenty of space for your maneuvers.
Our marina is one of the safest in Finland as it
 is well-protected from all winds and waves and your boat will be safe in any weather conditions. Depth in the marina ranges from 2 to 6 m.

We offer both shaft and long-side guest berths and season places for the yachts with max length of 50 m.

In our marina you will find a full range of top class yacht services. At 
KOTKA YACHT STORE OY we lift up/launch, store, maintain, repair, deliver luxury yachts up to 220 tons and 150 ft as well as smaller sailing and motor boats.
We can help you in any maritime issues!

Centrally located at the heart of Kotka city with museums, shops and restaurants, our marina offers warm welcome and convenient  transport links. Maritime Centre Vellamo is just 700 m away.

You can easily reach the marina by train or bus. Oneway from Kotka to Helsinki is 2,5 h by train and 2 h by bus
Kotka Satama train station is just 100 m away from the docks.

The city of Kotka has a lot to offer its visitors: magnificent parks, interesting museums, fishing, golf, cycling routes.
Don't miss great summer events in Kotka, especially Sea Days

See you soon!

Kotka Yacht Store Marina


Barnacle geese on the pier

At berth

Drinking water
Electricity 220/380V


At marina

WC, shower, sauna, laundry/dryer
Wi-Fi, parking, waste disposal
24/7 surveillance

Kotka Yacht Store travel lift launching luxury motor yacht

Yacht service

All kinds of yacht service for both
motor and sailing boats.
Yacht maintenance and repairs

Kotka Yacht Store boathouse

Yacht winter storage
on Baltic Sea

Full service boathouse for luxury motoryachts 50-150 ft and smaller boats. Travel lift 220 tons. 

Finnish sauna


Seaview sauna can accommodate up to 10 quests.
Grill is also availabale


Water events

Season 2022 will be full of events in the marina. Subscribe to our Instagram and stay tuned!

Kotka Yacht Store Marina



Price per night includes electricity,
drinking water, WC, Wi-Fi, parking,
waste disposal, surveillance 24/7.
Check-in 12:00, check-out 11:50.

Shaft berths

Max length 12 m, width 3,6 m, draft 4 m       15 €

Max length 7 m, width 2,5 m, draft 2,2 m      12 €

Jetski platform                                                      7 €

Long-side berths. Price per meter

10-15 m                                                      4,5 €

15,01-20 m                                                    5 €

20,01-25 m                                                 5,5 €

25,01-30 m                                                    6 €

30,01-65  m                  ask for a special price

Kotka city centre guest harbour


No electricity, no water supply.
Price per night.

Max length 12 m,  width 3,6 m, draft 3,5 m         9 €

Max length 7 m, width 2,5 m, draft 2,2 m            7 €

Long-side mooring                               under request



Under 7,5 m                                 430 €

7,5-9 m                                          595 €

9,01-11 m                                      745 €

11,01-13 m                                    990 €

13,01-15 m                                  1850 €

15,01-18 m                                  2690 €

18,01 - 21 m                                3485 €

More than 21 m                       170 €/m

Jetski platform                              220 €

Kotka Yacht Store Marina with Kantasatama and Vellamo in the background


Shower, 1 time                                                  2 €

Sauna (max 4 persons), per 2 hours           20 €

Sauna (extra person), per 2 hours               10 €

Kids  under 18 y.o. with a family -  free of charge

Laundry, 1 time, 1 portion of detergent       3 €

Drying machine, 1 time                                   2 € 

Electric grill, per hour                                    10 €

Coal grill, per hour                                         10 €

Charcoal, 2,5 kg                                              10 €

Rent of a water bicycle, per hour                20 €

Rent of a pressure washer, per hour         20 €

Bottom wash                                 under request

Lift up/launch, under 100 tons           120 €/ton

Lift up/launch, above 100 tons           132 €/ton


Check-in is from 12:00 on the day of arrival and check-out is until 11:50 on the day of departure.
Your mooring place should be taken up by 18:00 at the latest on the day of arrival, otherwise it may be allocated to another customer.

Booking fees paid will not be refunded.

If you want different rules in terms of the above-mentioned time, please contact the harbour master to get confirmation for your request.
Yachts above 18 meters and parking time more than 3 days - for reservation please contact harbour master directly at +358 503 204 700 (WhatsApp).
Payment for the yacht berth is made before arrival or immediately after arrival. If you leave the marina without payment, then this is considered a violation of the law, and information about the vessel is immediately sent to the police and the border guard.
The marina has video surveillance 24/7.


Yachts in the marina at night


Good deep-water  guest harbour suitable for big yachts.

Motor boats in the evening


Calm and peaceful place where

you can count on a warm welcome. 

Guest harbour in Kotka on sunny day


Safe and nice marina hidden from all winds.

Kotka Yacht Store Marina